Flying Mikros Interactive and Fantasoft release demo of Monkey Shines 2: Gorilla Warfare

NEW YORK, NY—Dec 21, 2000—Flying Mikros Interactive and Fantasoft have released the public beta demo of Gorilla Warfare.

The game is a sequel to the award winning game Monkey Shines. This time around you play Darwin, Bonzo's nephew, and there's quite a few new surprises. Darwin travels through time finding pieces of the map of Simian City so he can rescue it from the evil robots that have overtaken it.

Download it now at:

Features include:

  • Multiple layer parallax scrolling
  • 16 bit colour
  • Smooth 30 frames per second
  • A new hero, Darwin, with a lot of new tricks
  • Ballistic bananas to take out your enemies
  • And much much more!

System Requirements:

Suggested requirements: PowerPC G3 with 20MB available RAM, running MacOS 8.1 or newer. We'd love to hear experiences from players with slower Macs and older systems. Gorilla Warfare should run on any PowerPC Mac with MacOS 7.5.3 or newer, although we would not recommend any system slower than a 120 MHz 604e with ATI Rage Pro graphics. Gorilla Warfare requires a PowerPC processor and will not run on older (68030, 68040) Macs.

For more information and to check out preview screenshots visit the Gorilla Warfare web site: