Flying Mikros Interactive and Fantasoft announce Monkey Shines 2: Gorilla Warfare

NEW YORK, NY—Aug 18, 2000—Flying Mikros Interactive and Fantasoft are proud to announce that their new action game Monkey Shines 2: Gorilla Warfare due for release in late fall 2000 for Macintosh will soon enter the beta testing stage.

The game is a sequel to the award winning game Monkey Shines currently available for Macintosh and Windows. This time around you play Darwin, Bonzo's nephew, and there's quite a few new surprises. You've got to go through time finding pieces of the map of Simian City so you can rescue it from the evil robots that have overtaken it.

Features include:

  • Multiple layer parallax scrolling
  • 16 bit colour
  • Smooth 30 frames per second
  • A new hero, Darwin, with a lot of new tricks
  • Ballistic bananas to take out your enemies
  • And much much more!

For more information and to check out preview screenshots visit the Gorilla Warfare web site: