Flying Mikros Interactive announces The Egg Files

NEW YORK, NY—July 15, 1999—Flying Mikros Interactive is proud to announce their new game "The Egg Files" due for release in fall '99 for Macintosh and Windows. The game pits aliens against chickens in an all out battle of wits. Massage those brain cells as you command your troops. What will it be? Evil Grays bent on conquest of Earth's unnatural resources or heroic chickens, Earth's last best hope for independence?

Features include:

* Awesome artificial intelligence computer player - code name "BIG YELLOW"
* One and Two player support
* Super Disco Mode
* Alien Psychic Ring Attack Move
* Lethal Power Peck Move

Check out the preview screenshots at our web site:

We've also been working hard doing the graphics for Fantasoft's upcoming game "Monkey Shines 2: Gorilla Warfare" and all we can say is it's looking excellent with a lot of new surprises.

The Mikroses will be milling about at MacWorld Expo next week, so if you see us (we'll be the ones wearing the flying mikros t-shirts") you can ask us about the game or just say "hi".

Flying Mikros Interactive have ignited the gaming industry since 1997 with their revolutionary titles "Alien Attack" and "Chick-Tac-Toe".