The Story So Far...

After three millennia of enslavement from the Grays, the Sea Monkey Rebellion finally scrapped together a small, interstellar vehicle, the Zinka Zinka Doo. It had been foretold by an astrologer, Otaku-Zed Zier, that their freedom from the Grays would come from a small blue planet in Sector 7G. The young Sea Monkey pilot, Rok-Pla-Lard-Bokinok, was chosen for the mission, and upon boarding Zinka Zinka Doo, began his search for the blue planet.

Soon after Zinka Zinka Doo's launch, the Gray Imperial council became aware of the Sea Monkey mission. They sent their best pilot, Paka Laka Ding Dong, in pursuit of the tiny Sea Monkey vessel. For 50 years the Grays pursued the Sea Monkey ship, with no success. Zinka Zinka Doo finally landed safely on a golf course in Palm Springs on planet Earth.

The Gray ship was not as fortunate. An inaccuracy in the floating point coprocessor on the ship's navigational systems misaligned the trajectory, forcing it into a fatal crash. They landed in Roswell, New Mexico.

Meanwhile Rok Pla Lard Bokinok discovered the meaning of the astrologer's prophecy. The inhabitants of Earth possessed a highly advanced technology, and they had no idea of its potential. This technology was Golf Ball Dimples, and it could turn the tide of the Sea Monkey revolution.

However, Rok Pla Lard Bokinok did not possess the proper technology on Zinka Zinka Doo to extract the dimples from the golf balls. So, he stuffed as many of the balls as he could into the ship to take them back home. Unfortunately, the tiny ship could not hold enough golf balls to turn the tide of the rebellion. Rok headed home with what he had, in hopes that the Sea Monkeys could research the technology, and eventually win their freedom.

Upon Rok's return, the Mothrans, sworn enemies of both the Grays and Sea Monkeys, intercepted an encrypted message he sent to the Sea Monkeys. Once the mighty Mothrans decrypted the message, they knew that they could not allow the Sea Monkeys to possess such power. They began deploying their own ships on a mission to Sector 7G, to destroy the Sea Monkey ship.

When the Gray Intelligence Agency (GIA) learned of the new technology, they too, deployed ships for 7G.

Meanwhile, researchers in Area 51 on planet Earth have monitored the Sea Monkey visit. They were aware of the Golf Ball Dimple's power all along, but have known for centuries that the technology to extract the dimples creates a byproduct that is lethal to humans. They practice a ritual, referred to as "golfing". This is where millions of Humans, every day, hit golf balls long distances with a club, in hopes of sending them out of the Earth's atmosphere, thus making their planet a safer place.

So now, there are Sea Monkeys, Grays, Mothrans and Humans all battling over Sector 7G. Choose your ship, and help determine the fate of Earth's unnatural resources...

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