Download the latest version of Alien Attack!

Download as BinHex file (3854 K) [slower, but more reliable]

Download as MacBinary file (2837 K) [faster, but some browsers have trouble with this format -- if you can't get this version use the BinHex link above]

Already downloaded 1.02 or 1.03? Try this patch.

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This is a demo version of Alien Attack. It will allow you to try the first two levels in the single player game, or the "Outer Fringes" level for two-player and network games. This demo version supports up to two players over a local area network (AppleTalk or TCP/IP).

The full version supports up to four players on the network and unlimited levels of play. (Each full copy of Alien Attack supports two players up to a total of four players.)

The demo version can be unlocked into a full version for a mere $20. Please see the order form included with the download.

Alien Attack requires:

a Macintosh or Mac OS compatible computer with a 68040 or PowerPC processor

256-color capable 640 by 480 or larger monitor

8 MB RAM or more (7,000K partition for Alien Attack in Get Info panel)

To play over a local area network you need:

Open Transport 1.1.1 or later

NetSprocket in your Extensions Folder (included)

CFM68K Runtime Enabler 4.0 or later in your Extensions Folder for 68040 Macs (included)

OpenTransportLib.68K in your Extensions Folder for 68040 Macs (included)

a LocalTalk or Ethernet network (Ethernet strongly recommended) with AppleTalk or TCP/IP. You can also play over the Internet if you have a DSL, Cable Modem or better.

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